CALAVERA (Pleated) BANDANA fabric face mask - Adult size only.


IT'S HERE! My new & improved PLEATED fabric face mask.


Mask updates include:

• An added inch of fabric to the height for more face coverage

• Flexible aluminum nose bridge

• Optional filter pocket

• Extra elastic length at the ears to adjust fit.


Made using 2 layers of two distinct color/patterned fabrics to identify the exterior and interior of masks easily. Mask fabric measure 9" inches across by 7" inches high to offer generous nose, cheeks and chin coverage. Pleated mask design enables mask to comfortably expand as needed. Black elastic ear wraps are generous and can be knotted (see pic) to allow for tighter or looser fit to accommodate a variety of face sizes.


Outer fabric on this style is standard cotton bandana fabric with festive calavera print. Bandana fabric can be very thin, so I highly recommend using a filter with this mask. (see recommended "filter" material below). The inner fabric on this mask is thick 100% cotton.



* Fabric has been pre-washed to minimize shrinkage. Exact portions of fabric designs on facemask may vary from what is pictured.


100% tightly woven COTTON FABRIC has been recommended for comfort and virus protection. This mask has two layers of cotton fabric. Along with optional pouch for filter and increased protection.


Optional FILTER (not included) can be made using any of the following. 

  • HEPA vacuum filters - $$$$ Most expensive but most effective 
  • Coffee Filter - $$$
  • Shop Paper towels - $$$
  • Kitchen Paper towel - $


This is not a N95 mask and does not take the place of one. A fabric mask does not protect you from COVID-19, but can add an extra level of defense. If you are carrying the virus and do not show symptions, wearing a mask can help keep others around you safe.



  • It's recommended you wash fabric masks immediately upon receiving.
  • After wearing your mask. Remove holding by the ear wraps.
  • Immediately place in the washing machine (so it is not contaminating any surface/fabrics in your home)
  • Wash hands and any surfaces you may have touched.
  • Wash using warm/hot water. Tumble or hang dry. (DO NOT MICROWAVE to disinfect).
  • PRO TIP - Wash your face. It's steamy in there and we all don't need acne.


Get the information you need to feel safe. We'll all be wearing masks for a while. Find your comfort style and get a couple fun patterns!





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