Ex-vo·to (noun) Derived from the Latin term ex voto suscepto

“from the vow made,” an ex-voto is an offering made in gratitude and

in tribute for an act of divine intervention during a time of fear,

sickness or grave danger.

Ex-Voto Design took its name from the Mexican folk art pieces known as

Ex-Votos. Though religious in nature, it is the devotional need and way in which they were meticulously created that has had its greatest influence on me. In villages across early Mexico, Ex-Votos were created by artists whose

job it was to reproduce stories of miraculous events through distinct images and text. The vows they embody, the artists interpretations of these stories, and the final mastery has become the inspiration driving Ex-Voto Design.

Located in Los Angeles, Ex-Voto Design specializes in culturally inspired

and meticulously designed gifts and art by Leslie Gutierrez Saiz.

Leslie is an Emmy award winning Creative Director & Producer, 

with 20+ years of design experience in the fashion, entertainment

and gaming space. 


Interested in working with Leslie on a commission or licensing her work? Send a message.


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