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FRESA T-shirt

FRESA T-shirt


FRESA t-shirt. 


Two color FRESA graphic on unisex jersey t-shirt by BELLA+CANVAS. Crew neck, short sleeve and super soft! This light pink shirt fits true to size with a little extra length. 


FRESA hand lettered graphic is inspired by Mexican hand painted street signs. Graphic is hand pulled (by me!), making each one a unique work of art and a labor of love to create fun apparel graphics. I use quality, water based inks. NOT toxic Plastisol, so it won't weigh down the shirt. This is very important to me. There is nothing better than a legit silk screened t-shirt to make your favorite.


This listing is for a light pink colored shirt with magenta pink letters and purple drop shadow.


FRESA: (Spanish) literally meaning "Strawberry." Mexican slang, "FRESA" is a social term used in Mexico to describe someone preppy or a bougie. This can be used as an insult, but many have now embraced the slang, along with their love for brunch, nice clothes and hanging with amigos!


If you're not a FRESA, I know you know one who will love this shirt!


Size Chart from BELLA+CANVAS

Small - fits size 2-4

Medium - fits size 6-10

Large - fits size 10-14

XLarge - fits size 14-16


EX-Voto Design T-shirts are original designs made in limited quantities, don't miss out.



FAST! All items in my shop ship within 1 to 2 days of ordering and always with USPS tracking so you know where it is and when it will arrive.









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